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20+ Ways To Save Money This Summer

This post may contain affilate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small comission. Please see my disclaimer.

Everyone loves the hot summer weather, however you should beware of the extra spending that comes along with it.

For example you may spend money on a vacation, power, entertainment, and grocery costs. To help you monthly budget along I have 20 ways to save money during the summer to share with you.

Summer has always been the best time of the year for many. Who doesn’t love the sunshine and warm weather, and all the outdoor activities that come with summer. As a kids it was truly non stop fun!

However, as an adult I have come to realize that summer can be expensive.

This is especially true if you ahve children because you will be paying for extra summer activities, vactions, and daycare which means overall you will be spending more than during the school year.

If you are committed though you can have a summer that is super afforadable by haning outside, and attending free community events and festivals. In this post I will be sharing with you a few of the best wayas to save money this summer so you can enjoy the season and save money. The last thing you will want to do is go into debt during summer or end up spending more money that you are comfortbale spending.

Checkout out these hot summer money saving tips!

1. Update your summer budget

The budget that you follow all year round is likely not going to do the trick during summer. In orger to avoiding busting your budget all summer long you should make sure your budget reflects your summer plans and goals.

You can do so by adding a little extra cushion rrom to your budget during the summer months.

Grab this FREE budget planner to help you get started planning your summer budget.

While summer is a super fun time of year you will still want to make sure you aren’t spending more than you afford. And updating your budget is the perfect solution to making sure you also stay on track with your financial goals while still having fun.


2. Use a thermostat that you can program

A programmable thermostat is defintely something you should invest in if you are wanting to save money. They are pretty inexpensive and the good news is the money you will save in a couple months to a year will pay for your new thermostat.

A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the tempature of your house to exactly where you like it for different times of the day. This will prevent you from having to change it manually again and again. Instead, you can just set your tempature and schedule it accordingly.

A quick eample of this is you can set your thermostat to turn up your AC a couple of degrees once you leave for work so you don’t have to spend extra money cooling a space you aren’t even in. Programmable thermostats can even be programmed to be cooler in the evenings, and are great for when you are on holidays because you can turn up your AC. Saving you nothing but money! Ca-ching! 💲💲💲


3. Drop by your local library

Visting your library is an excellant way to get out of the heat! In my experience they are pretty well ALWAYS chilly. So go on in find your next good read or movie to borrow.

It can even provide you with a few frugal ideas for families. Sometimes they even have fun crafting ideas for young children to participate in for free.

And when you are borrowing a movie, you can turn it into a cheap family movie night. ALl you need to add is a couple bowls of popcorn.


4. Make it a point to meal plan

Don’t fly by the seat of you pants when it comes to your meals and snacks. When I started my weight loss journey meal planning became a huge part of my life. It literally changed my life! We are able to eat healthier and save major money on monthly grocery bill.

If you are someone that does not find eating at home easy you should consider $5 Meal Plan as an option. They will send you your meal plans right to your inbox taking the guess working and planning out of the equation.

You will even get 2 weeks of plans for free when you first sign up, after that it is $5 a month. Each meal in the plan will cost you mere change at less that $2 per person. $5 Meal Plan not only saves you money because you will be shopping intentionally, but also time because you don’t have to come up with the ideas on your own.


5. Score deals at your local garage sales

Summer is the season of grage sales. So if you are looking for a spesific item why not go grage sale hopping on the weekend and try to save yourself some money.

Grage saleing is also a great way to spend your saturday afternoons. I know many people who have been able to score some great finds and LOVE going to garage sales because you can find high quality items for cheap.

I highly encourage you to try garage saleing this summer.


6. Take part in free community events

Call your local town office or check out the website and see if you can find your towns event calendar for the summer. I know where I live there are tons of free opportunities for family fun at local events. I am also fortunate enought to live only a couple of hours away from the the Rocky Mountains and national parks where there are tons of free summer events to attent throughout summer.


7. Spend more time outside

Summer is the most wonderful season with so many outdoor activities for you to try and experience. Even though in many places it is extremely hot during summer you can still get outside and experience the joys of summer either before the heat of the day or after. Personally I love a warm summer more out on the deck soaking it all in.

You could even just go for a quick walk or bike ride during the summer as something to do that is cheap or free in the summer. I do highly recommend that you beat the heat by doing this either in the morning or evening otherwise your walk or bike ride may become uncomfortable or even unbearable.

Saty active outside during the summer is also very satisfying. Currently I am going for a walk between 7 and 8 am to get me pumped and motivated for the day before the heat sets in.

One thing is for sure, no matter where you call home there are tons of outdoor activities for you to try. The options are truly endless. A few emamples include:

  1. Walk your dog
  2. Take your kids to the park
  3. Go hiking
  4. Enjoy a BBQ
  5. Have a backyard fire
  6. Spend the weekend camping


8. Combine any errands you have

Save money on fuel by not running out to do your errand seperately throughout the week. Instead, you should save them all for say Thursday. This could mean if you need one item from the grocery store you should just do your weekly grocery shopping trip at the same time.

This tip not only saves you money on fuel and car expenses but it saves you time. Meaning you have more time for your family, or to spend time on your hobbies.

I may come by this tendency easily but I know this is not the case for most people (*cough cough, my husband) who will go to the store for one single item or reason even if it is not immediately necessary AND we live 10 minutes out of town on an acrage.

SO if you find yourself spending to much on fuel or transportation and your feel like your alwayas running with never enough time this tip could help you tremendously. It is simple is you don’t need something right away you should wait until you need a few more things to make your errands so you can get a few different hings done in the same trip, saving you both precious time and money.


9. Turn up your AC

For the vast majority of the population summertime is a HOT time of year. Trust me I get it.

But, you can saveill a few bucks each month on your power bill by turning up your AC even if it is only by a few degrees.

I’m not to sure the exact tempeture most people set their thermostat however, I know many people like it to be cooler (myself included). After doing a bit of research I noticed that many people set their AC around 70 degrees!

If you want to save money why not turn your AC up a little? I’m not saying anything tremendous, maybe start at say 74 to 76 degrees when you are at home. If you know you are going to be gone for awhile you should raise the temp possible even higher since you aren’t their to enjoy the coolness anyways.

You could be able to save yourself up to 10% on your monthly power bill.


10. Block out the sun from your house

I currently live in a fifth wheel camper and it heats up very quickly in the summer. One way I combat this is by making sure the curtains are closed. On some of the windows I will even hang up large sheets of poster board to block out the heat. It a small inexpensive tip to help you save money on paying extra money on power to run your AC.

And honestly this tip works no matter what type of home you live in.


11. Ride your bike when you have to run errands

We all have errands so why not ride your bike to complete them, it is a great way to get in some outdoor exercise and ejoy the gorgous summer weather. It also works well when you want to cut down how much you are spending on fuel.

Just make sure you remember to bring a bike lock with you so you can lock up your bike while you are inside running your errands. Also make sure you follow all safety advisories.


12. Check Groupon for deals

Groupon is a great tool to help you save money on entertainment this summer. You can get all sorts on deals on concerts, attractions, and events going on in your area.

Many people don’t realize just how big the saving can be by using Groupon. But the truth is on any given day you are easily able to save up to 50% or more on servies or entertainment in the area.

So do not overlook Groupon when it comes to saving more money this summer.


13. Cook outside

It is no secret that cooking inside heats up your house, especially when you are using your oven. So when it comes to wanting to save money during the summer you would not want to heat up your house any more than the sun already is. A few alternative options to using an oven include using an instant pot, a crockpot, or cooking outside on the BBQ.

This tips will save you some extra money because you wont have to turn doen your AC once your oven heats up your house.

If you are going to use your oven you should plan it for a day when it is not blazing hot. I highly recommend you checkout crockpot recipes and opt for them instead.


14. Dry your laundry outside

Let your laundry dry outside on a clothes line if this is an option for you. This will help you save money on your power bill by not having to use power for the dryer.

Let the sun and warm summer breeze do the drying for you at zero cost. Nothing smells better than the fresh smell of clothes that have been dryed by the sun and breeze.


15. Invite friends and family over

Summertime is a great time to invite your friends and family over for a backyard BBQ or potluck dinner. It is a great alternative to spending nights going out for dinner or going out in general. This is one of the best money saving tips I can give you because you also get to associate with loves ones for cheap, all it cost is food which you would be eating anyways.

Summer nights are awesome because it gets darker later and stays warmer longer making it the perfect combination for having a fun games night on the patio with friends. Or you can keep it simple and just spend some time sipping drink and visiting.

Tip: You can save yourself some money by inviting friends over for a back yard BBQ potluck style by having everyone bring thier own dish.


16. Cancel your gym membership

Break up with your gym membership this summer and opt for an outdoor fitness routine. You can save yourself between $50 and $100 a month easily by doing so. You will save the money of your membership and the money you would usually spend on fuel to get to the gym.

There are so many free ways to get a workout during the summer. For example you could do a HIIT workout in your backyard, you could train for a run right from your home, or you could opt for an evening bike ride as a family.

If it being to hot during the summer to workout outside is a concern for you, you could workout in your basement or get up early in the morning to get your workout in before it gets to hot.

I don’t want to completely dis gym memeberships, they have their place and are a huge source of motivation for some people. I just want to say that during the summer you may not be getting your moneys worth, and if that is the case you may want to just cancel your membership for the summer and re-join again in the fall.

The point is to make sure you are only paying for a gym membership if you are actually going to be using it during the summer.


17. Opt for a staycation

Ditch the tradition summer vaction and opt for a staycation this year. If you don’t know what a staycation is it is when you saty home and visit places that are local to you.

So many people live in areas that people travel to vitit and yet we don’t even explore and take advantage of what we have in our very own backyard.

If you want to take a staycation this summer to save money you should make a list of places around your area that you want to visit and then take some time off work or use your weekends to visit these places as if you were a tourist. Make yourself a weekend itinerary, or week itinerary and it up a few local places.

Go ahead take some time and explore where you live while saving yourself the expenses of a traditional vacation.


18. Plant a garden

Save a bit of extra mney this summer and fall by planting a garedning and reaping the rewards of freshly grown produce that you don’t have to purchase.

Of course you will have to spend a little bit of money in the beginning to purchase your seeds and weed controller, but growing a garden this summer is a great way  to become a bit healtheir and save money on your groceries. Think about it! You could be swimming in fresh fruits and veggies all summer long.

Even if you keep it simple and decide to only grow a few basic items such as lettuce, cucumbers and carrots you will be spending less on food. You will also have th added benefit of growing and eating 100% organic fruits and veggie for a fraction of the cost that you would ahve paid at the grocery store.


19. Cancel your cable

The average cable bill is around $125 and it just keeps on rising.

Instead of paying a huge cable bill all summer when you could be spending time outside or on holidays you should just cancel it and save yourself some major money. So take the pluge cancel your cable and opt for free or cheap entertainment outside.

If you do opt for cutting your cable bill you could consider a cheaper alternative such as streaming sevices. They are a great option and the best part is you don’t have to sit through commercials and you can binge watch your fvorite shows.

Here are a few different streaming services and how much they charge monthly.

  • YouTube TV $40+
  • Sling TV $20+
  • HBO Now $14.99
  • Amazon Prime Video $8.99 (My favorite streaming service, but requires an Amazon Prime membership)
  • Hulu $7.99+
  • Netflix $7.99


20. Buy second hand

Summer is short for many people, so why not opt for purchasing second hand clothing from thrigt stores, grage sales, or second hand stores. You can save yourself a boat load of money with this tip this summer.

You can even buy other items than clothing second hand such as childrens sand toys, outdoor toys, gardening tools, or tubes for tubing.

Never underestimate how fun it can be to gor to grage sales or thrift stores to score deals on items you either want or need.

Buying second hand could be very well worth it to you!


What are your go to ways to save money during summer? Drop a comment below because I would LOVE to know

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