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60 Free Summer Activities For Kids

This post may contain affilate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small comission. Please see my disclaimer.

1. Have a Picnic

2. Join a summer reading program

3. Eat S’more

4. Go to a free concert

5. Visit a splash pad or park

6. Make Popsicles

7. Visit a farmers market

8. Family movie night

9. Visit the local library

10. Fly a kite

11. Do a puzzle

12. Water ballon fight

13. Lemonade stand

14. Have a tea party

15. At home spa day

16. Play hopscotch

17. Play in the sprinkler

18. Have a pillow fight

19. Go garage saling

20. Make pupets

21. Paint rocks

22. Family bike ride

23. Trip to the lake

24. Make a bird feeder

25. Treasure hunt

26. Plant a garden

27. Go hiking

28. Water gun fight

29. Build a fort inside

30. Play in the rain

31. Make sidewalk paint

32. Play with sidewalk chalk

33. Make play doh

34. Go swimming

35. Blow bubbles

36. Indoor campout

37. Dance party

38. Grow a butterfly garden

39. Make cookies

40. Visit relatives

41. Paint a wall mural

42. Make ice cream sandwiches

43. Go bowling

44. Make a scrapbook

45. Go to the playground

46. Free museum days

Many cities and towns offer free museum days year round. If not, you can often get in for free or very cheap by going an hour or two before closing

47. Play dress up

48. Bake a pie

49. Make a sensory box

50. Do a science experiment

51. Have a board game marathon

52. Make handmade cards

53. Play hide and seek

54. Play ball hockey on the street

55. Set up a water table

56. Make your own Sundae

57. Sleepover

58. Finger Painting

59. Balloon Tennis

60. Hit up the dollar store





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