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9 Hacks I Use To Save Money On Make Up

This post may contain affilate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small comission. Please see my disclaimer.

Every single one of us wants to have the best skin and look flawlessly beautiful. We want to ooze confidence and feel like the best versions of our self. One way we can feel this amazing about ourselves is to wear our favorite makeup look! Am I right? Doesn’t it feel absolutely amazing when you finish doing your makeup and you are pleased with the results?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not feel that you need to be wearing makeup to feel beautiful and confident, however, you can’t deny it is fun to do up your make up!

With that said though oftentimes makeup comes with a hefty price tag, so I am going to share with you some of my best tips for saving money on your makeup so you don’t have to veto it altogether.

There are many different ways you can spend less on makeup and end up with more in return.

Let me show you.

1. Watch Reviews On All Products Before You Buy

Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in when you can research nearly any makeup product and you will find a review for it. Simply YouTube the product you want to learn more about and you will find it. When I say it is as simple as that, it really is.

My recommendation to you is before you buy anything, and I mean any makeup product you should check the reviews it has received.

I recommend you search for reviews because nowadays there are a ton of high-end products that have been put on a somewhat petostool, even though the product was all hype, and never did delivered the results the company said it would.

One way to know if this is the case for a product you are looking at buying is by viewing reviews of people who have already purchased the product. You will either see praises being sung for the product, or you will see some brutally honest reviews picking it apart.

2. Watch Some YouTube Beauty Gurus

When you watch someone else test out the makeup it will give you a good idea of how it will look once it is applied to your skin. They will oftentimes also advise you on their thoughts of the products, and if they are worth the investment.

We can all agree that more times than not makeup will look different on a YouTuber and you than it will on the packaging, save yourself time and money by watching other people test the products out.

3. Sign Up For FREE Samples

A really effective way to earn FREE makeup once a month is by using multiple product testing panels. You can simply sign up using the following links, fill out your info, and wait for your free products to be delivered to your mailbox.

Here are a couple of companies to consider.




4. Find Yourself The Drugstore Dupes

You should be aware that pretty close to every time a new product comes out from high-end brands, drugstore brands will make their own version of the product at a wayyyy more affordable price. You’re probably wondering…do the dupes work? Well, to be brutally honest many times they will fail brutally at making a good dupe.

However, they don’t always fail. And actually sometimes dupes will be just as good as the original or even better. And that is when finding a really good product for a fraction of the original’s costs feeling like you have struck gold! Ah, what a feeling!

Don’t Waste! Learn How You Can Effectively Fix Your Broken Make-Up

Did you even know you can actually fix your makeup compacts? I sure didn’t! I always keep a compact in my purse, and I pretty much have one break on me every couple of months or sooner.

Which in the long run was piling up to be quite a bit of wasted product, which meant wasted money? But, with only a couple of simple steps, you can DIY and actually fix your compacts.

Check out this DIY video on how you can fix broken compacts.

Save yourself the disappointment of throwing out a perfectly good highlighter. And realistically save yourself from putting your money in the garbage.

5. Keep Up A Good Skin Care Routine

When you have a good skincare routine in place and are diligently taking care of your skin properly your make up will look 10x better and you will be able to use much less makeup.

Honestly, there is no better way to save money on your favorite makeup than to make the product last longer by using less upon each application. This is ultimately the BEST way to save, duh… that’s a no brainer.

Trust me I can relate it isn’t always fun to wash your face twice a day, and I know the temptation of just falling asleep with a face full of makeup after a late night out or a long day at work. Sleeping with your makeup will only hurt yourself, that is plain and simple.

Did you know that when you sleep with your make up on you are aging your skin, and you allow yourself to be more prone to breakouts, that make your make up look less than ideal.

Try writing a post-it reminder on your nightstand reminding yourself to wash your face every morning and every night. When I started doing this it made a world of a difference. That little reminder is sometimes all you need. So do it! Make washing your face a priority ladies, you owe it to yourself!

6. Always Buy Your Make-Up On Sale

MAC make up rarely goes on sale but when it does their sales are often really good! My view is why buy the drugstore brand when you can get there actually product for roughly a similar price when it is on sale? Who doesn’t love getting make up for a steal of a deal? I know I sure do!

If you are a huge fan of drugstore makeup and you know the products that work well for you what for sales. Most of us are in a drugstore every couple of weeks or more often, so watch flyers for sales. Take a walk down the beauty aisle every time you frequent the store just to check out the deals.

P.S. Always watch for Boxing Day Deals and Black Friday Sales!

Last year I saved a couple of hundred dollars on MAC makeup products for the year by buying during their December sale. Buying in bulk when makeup is on sale is a no brainer when trying to save a good chunk of money annually.

7. Use Reward Programs And Save Big

Who doesn’t adore a good rewards program?

Rewards programs are amazing because they allow you to get FREE ITEMS for making purchases you already planned on buying. It is also great because oftentimes you don’t have to even carry the actual rewards card in your wallet, most rewards programs can be managed right from your mobile phone.

Drugstores oftentimes have really lucrative rewards programs, so make sure you ask your local drugstore to get the details and sign up.

Another reward program I love using at MAC is you can save your empties and return them for a free lipstick or eyeshadow. I personally take advantage of this program multiple times per year.

8. Sample Everything

Let’s be real. Clearly you aren’t going to be able to sample every single product. But there are a few stores out there that will allow you to sample certain products such as moisturizer, foundation, or lipstick before buying at no additional cost to you.

Never say no to a sampler! As a rule of thumb, if you are able to sample go for it.

If you shop at Sephora ask for samples, they will give you many different samples all for FREE if you just ask for them. Your skin can be tricky. And there is no way to know for sure if a product will work for your skin unless you try and test it (preferably before you buy).

9. Try The “Sephora” Brand Opposed To The High-End Brand

So you don’t want drugstore brand names, yet, you don’t want high-end prices. This is when Sephora should be your go-to, and will likely be perfect for you and your budget. It is no secret that you can count on Sephora, they have just about every product that you could need. I also love Sephora for its lipsticks and eyeshadows because they have such a wide range of color options.

Sephora = quality products at only a fraction of the cost of brands such as Tarte.

10. Get Yourself Some Cash Back At Sephora

Sometimes a trip to the mall can be the last thing you want to do, and may even be impossible if you don’t live in a town with access to Sephora.

The truth is I am a huge online shopper, so it is no surprise that I order my usual makeup products I am familiar with online. To save more money online I use this thing called Ebates. It is an amazing tool for shopping online that earns you cash back at stores such as Sephora!

I LOVE cashback, do you?

If you have never heard of Ebates or don’t yet have an account you can sign up for FREE here. Once you have created your account you can click through to Sephora directly from the Ebates website. This will allow you to receive your cashback credit in only a matter of days!

Give A Silicone Applicator A Try Opposed To A Beauty Blender

I am a huge fan of the beauty blender, don’t get me wrong. I am in LOVE with them, but not their price tag. Damn, they are so freaking expensive. I can be cheap, and honestly, in my head, I can completely justify spending $25 or so on an application brush that will last a long time when taken care of properly.

But paying that amount for a sponge over and over again every couple of months, to me that just doesn’t seem cost-effective.

Something I have been trying lately is a silicone makeup applicator. In my honest opinion, they do a very similar job as a beauty blender. But a couple of great things about the silicone applicator is they don’t soak up your expensive makeup as a beauty blender does. A huge bonus with the silicone applicator is it is way easier to clean.

There you have it, ladies, there are the ways you can save money on makeup regularly, time and time again. Use one money-saving tip or use them all, either way, you will be saving money.

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