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10 Blogging Resources For Newbie Bloggers

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small commission. Please see my disclaimer.

30+ Sizzling Blogging Resources

You’re probably thinking oh boy, this is just another bloggers guide, I’ve seen hundreds of these. And ya you are right. There are literally thousands of posts out there just like this one claiming to have all the answers for new bloggers. But, frankly, there is no post out there that has ALL the answers you’re looking for.


This one is different.

And I do not claim to have all the answers, simply the purpose of this post is to share with you the resources that I have personally used to make my blog a success in a short period of time!

So if you are still with me ad I hope you are I want to share with you my experience from a newbie blogger to growing a successful blog.

I have sifted through $1,000’s of dollars worth of new bloggers resources. Finding what works is truly harder than finding what doesn’t! I have failed many times with different aspects of my blog but I choose to use every failure as looking at it as a lesson. It all about learning! You have to fail a couple of times before you can have a breakthrough and succeed.

Throughout my many failure and success, I have really nailed down some of my favorite blogging resource that has helped me get to the point I am at today, with both creating and maintaining a blog.

The Tools And Resources New Bloggers Need

Is your head spinning just thinking about all the blogging tool ad resources out there? I know for me it was almost stressful figuring out which tools were actually worth using.

There is so much information out there about blogging, blowing tips, blogging courses, blogging guides. And as a new blogger, it is downright confusing and overwhelming to figure out which ones to listen to.

Truth be told most of the recourses being promoted is biased because of affiliate programs. Affiliate programs mean that people earn a commission for talking about products and having people purchase items through their link.

I personally love affiliate marketing and how it helps me generate and income for me and my husband, and you will see affiliate links throughout this post but here are also free services and tools I am promoting to.

I am big on honesty so any resource or tool I am promoting are all tools I have personally used or have used and feel they have helped me on my blogging journey.

I care about my reputation and I would not promote something that just to make a buck.

I am only recommending these resources because I want to give you the best advantage I can at making a real go of your blogging endeavors! I want to see you succeed and not waste time using resources that get you nowhere.

I am so excited that you are wanting to start a blog! Bloggers are a very warm and friendly community and we help our own!

1 | Hosting & Setup


Siteground is another web hosting service that goes above an beyond for its users. I have never heard of any blogger being disappointed when choosing SiteGround. Many huge bloggers use this web hosting service and can not sing their praises enough!

I have very little experience with SiteGround in the scheme of things, but, one thing I do know is SiteGround is easy to use and offers tons of flexibility. They even have a drag and drop page designer built-in!

You can get SiteGround web hosting for only $3.95/mo with 24/7-365 tech support to help you however you need along the way!

SiteGround even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee!

💡Get signed up for SiteGround and pay only $3.95 a month!

It does not get more affordable than this! So sign up and get rolling on building your new blog!

Web Hosting

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2 | Blog Themes & Designs

Creative Market:

I just had to share Creative Market with you, what I use it for is finding adorable graphics, fonts, plugins, and stock photos to use on my blog. Make sure you sign up for their email list because they send out a list of FREEBIES every week! If you aren’t sure the creative market is for you, check it out anyway, because I can truthfully say there is something for everybody in Creative Market!


I love ThemeForest, they have so many great themes for you to choose from. I know there will be a theme for you on ThemeForest there are literally THOUSANDS to choose from! Passionately Savvy (this blog) is actually using a ThemeForest theme right now!

Elegant Themes:

In my opinion, Elegant Themes is THE #1 Premium WordPress provider! Their theme Divi has changed the world of web design and how we create and build pages as well as maintain our blogs! There is no joking around when I say they have made it 100% easier with their drag and drop system.

I have no yet invested in it for my blog but I have tried it out and seen it in action.


I don’t have tons of personal experience with PicMonkey yet, however when I have used it I love it! I sometimes use PicMonkey for editing my graphics, images, and pins that I feature on this blog.


Canva is the BOMB! I seriously use it for at least a couple of graphics on each of my blog posts! I love how easy it is to use and the wide variety of Free images there are for you to use when making pins.

Ivory Mix:

First off, Stock Photos matter! When you are creating images for your blog or for pins you want to stand out and a great way to do that’s by purchasing and investing in premium stock photos. This can give you an edge in the sense that when people see your pins on Pinterest your images won’t be ones that they have seen hundreds of times. Which can help you get more clicks which turns into more traffic for your blog!

Ivory Mix is the one that I recommend as it is run on a membership basis which means you can cancel at any time. So there is no obligation for you!

Unsplash / Pixabay / Pexels

When searching for FREE stock photos the sites that I use are Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. I am always able to find clean and clear photos for my blog on these sites so be sure to check them out.


You should never just download any images off of google images and use them for your blog.

3 | Research, Writing, Editing


Neil Patel’s keyword research tool Ubersuggest is used by tons of big bloggers and entrepreneurs such as Jenna Kutcher and Melyssa Griffin.  The Best part about this keyword research tool is that it is 100% FREE for you to use!


Without this tool, I can guarantee you that at least every second sentence in this post would have spelling or grammar mistakes.

How Grammarly works is it is an extension I installed onto my browser and what it does is it automatically spell-checks and grammar-checks everything I write, whether it is an email, a post, or a status update. And by the way, Grammarly has a completely FREE version for you to use!


If you are a new blogger and you are looking into expanding your email marketing then I highly suggest you check out Convertkit. Convertkit is super affordable and very user-friendly for those first trying to figure out how to get things set up.

Convertkit was the first email marketing tool I used as a new blogger before switching to Mailerlite. The only reason I switched was I didn’t love how they displayed “Powered by Convertkit” at the bottom of all my opt-in forms. So for that reason, I switched to Mailerlite,


I have been using Mailerlite for months now and it is by far one of the best email marketing platforms I have used. I tried a couple of free options in the past and they were confusing and complicated to figure out. With Mailerlite the platform is very basic and everything is laid out in front of you basically so you can follow it step by step.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer:

It is a known fact that a good headline is what makes your readers and others want to click through and read want you to have to say on a subject.

However, a bad headline can literally cost you traffic, search results, and shares, which is what you need to avoid at all costs!

This headline analyses is the holy grail for coming up with a perfect headline that makes people want to read

Social Warfare Share Buttons:

Okay I am very excited to share this one with you! Ever since I started my blog I had been using Shareaholic for my share buttons on my blog posts, however, even though I loved Shareaholic after reading a review on Social Warfare I gave it a try and OMG it blew my mind! I go way more share and it looks so clean and slick on any website.

So if you don’t yet have share buttons that you love then I recommend you go get the Social Warfare Plugin right now!

4 | Pinterest

Making Pinterest Possible:

I LOVE this book so much! As a new blogger, this is the very first ebook I purchased for my blog and it did not disappoint!

When you read it and take in the knowledge you can feel that Ana really put her heart and soul into creating it for new bloggers!

If you are new to using a Pinterest business account than this is the book for you to start with! It walks you through in such a way that just when you think you have a question the answer is right there or on the next page!


I seriously swear by this Pinterest course I am only about 38% through and by only implement a few of Kayla’s tips that she shares I have been able to increase my Pinterest followers by over 200 in less than a week and I increased my Pinterest monthly Pinterest viewers. I went from 167,000 to 217 in only 1 week’s time. My engagement rate also when up from 3.5K to 6.7K in the same time frame!

So if you are pondering on whether or not to invest in this Pinterest course just stop. Go for and start growing your Pinterest account now! Trust me I know the feeling of going down in Pinterest viewer of holding the same number for weeks and it frustrated me so much. So between blogger to blogger just get the course!


Oh, the good old Tailwind! This is a tool that when I first started using it I hated like seriously I used it for only a couple weeks and then didn’t touch it for like almost two months. I think this was just because I didn’t give myself the time I needed to learn how to use it properly the first time.

When I started using it for the second time I seriously just set aside 3-4 hours one afternoon and just learned how to use it effectively. This was a pivotal point in my blogging career as I am and forever will be a Tailwind fan and promoter.

By implementing Tailwind I was able to buy out the time I was using to pin manually throughout the day to stay more focused when writing content or to fully have my weekends off knowing my Pinterest would still stay active!

So if you are on the fence with Tailwind


If you are looking for a group board to join I suggest you try Pingroupie. All you have to do id type your niche or a keyword into the search bar and then wait for a list of boards relevant to your niche to pop up!

And I would love to have you some some of my group boards too! Just follow the instructions for applying on the group board! Remember you must be following me on Pinterest to be added!

My Pinterest Group Boards You Can Join:

Best Of Pinterest Bloggers

Finance Bloggers Promote

Budgeting For All

Blogging Tips for New Bloggers | Grow Your Blog

5 | Facebook

Facebook mastermind and blogging groups are so important there is tons of FREE blogging information for you to learn just by joining a couple of groups!

They are great for new bloggers learning or any bloggers wanting to network with others.

if you are on a budget with starting your blog then facebook groups are seriously a resource that you need to jump on ad take full advantage of!

Groups For Your To Join

  1. Women Winning Online
  2. Blog start
  3. Online Business BFF’s
  4. GirlBoss Bloggers
  5. Social Boss Society
  6. Classy Career Girl
  7. Blog + Tips and Tricks
  8. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
  9. Blogging Babes and & Business Bosses
  10. Blogging Newbs

6 | Seo- Search Engine Optimization

Stupid Simple SEO:

Stupid Simple SEO is one of those courses that once you purchase it you wonder why you didn’t sooner! I can not explain this course near as well as this link can so go check it out and be on your way at mastering your SEO and driving loads of traffic to your new blog!

Stupid Simple SEO is sometimes closed for registrations, but even so there is a great 5 day free course for you to take advantage of!

The best way for me to explain this plugin is it is basically SEO for dummies! Seriously anyone can use it and be successful!

Google Webmaster Tools:

Once you start out as a new blogger and have some structure, content, and branding in place on your site, you are ready to go, all you have to do is go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap.

What this does is it tells and allows google to crawl your website so you can be found via the google search console.

It is a good idea to check back here regularly to look for any site errors and monitor your site’s Google search performance.


Semrush will completely change the way you develop content for your blog. It is a miracle product that I can not get enough of.

It is an online software that does very in-depth domain analytics, keyword analytics, performs gap analysis, topic research, has a writing assistant, and lead generation tool.

It even goes as far as telling you who your competitors are, what they rank for, and it literally gives you a cheat sheet for how you can outrank them.

Sign up here for the Semrush FREE trial!

Yoast SEO

I would be nowhere without this tool! t is a completely free WP plugin for your blog. How it works is once you have activated the plugin it rates your posts and then tells you exactly what you need to do in order to improve your SEO.

I use this resource each and every time I write a blog post, and I truly don’t know what I would do without it!

7 | Analytics & Monitoring

Google Analytics:

This is one of the first things I did when starting my blog and it should be for you too! Get your blog hooked u to Google Analytics ASAP! You will want to start measuring your site interaction, traffic, engagement, and the audience immediately!

How I suggest you go about doing this is by first adding your site to Google Analytics and then installing the GOOGLE ANALYTICS for WP DASHBOARD plugin.

The best part is it is completely free for you to use!

Google Alerts:

This service is awesome if you are wanting to get notified when your domain name is mentioned on the internet. You can even get alerts for any phrase of your choosing!

So why not set up an alert for your domain, blog name, and your name so you can know when and if you get featured on another blog!

PageSpeed Insights:

this is a super easy tool for new bloggers to navigate, all you have to do is enter your domain name into the search bar and Google will tell you what your site speed and site performance is.

It gets even better though, PageSpeed will tell you exactly how you would need to change your site in order to improve your speed. Your blog loading speed is very important because in a world where nobody waits for anything to load people may be clicking on your content but if it’s not loading within 7 seconds they leave which increases your bounce rate.

8 | Makin’ Money – Ad placements


Adsense is perfect for new bloggers because you will be accepted even if you have low traffic! Low traffic is better than none and in the beginning stages of blogging ads very well may be the only way for you to monetize your blog.


Now this is the big one! With Mediavine you will be making %x what you would have made with Adesense for ad placements on your blog. However the thing with Medicine is they do not allow you into the program until you have reached 25,000 monthly sessions. So you will have to wait until you start generating decent traffic to be accepted.

9 | Makin’ Money -Affiliate Marketing

Want to start monetizing your new blog by affiliate marketing but don’t know which programs you should join? Well I’ve got you covered! Sign up below and receive my list of 36 affiliate programs you can join today for FREE!

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course:

A very well known and respected affiliate marketer/blogger, Michelle at Making Sense Of Cents consistently every month makes over $50,000 from affiliate marketing. Is that not mind-boggling and completely insane?

She has also created a course for new bloggers where she reveals all her tips on how she makes that insane income each month! Her course is called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and it is worth every single penny you pay!

In under 30 days of starting my blog, I made my first 2 affiliate sales. I made over $100 in passive income. Is that not amazing?

The Affiliate Programs Masterlist:

Looking for some high paying affiliate programs to get your blog on track for making money with affiliate marketing, then I suggest that you grab The Affiliate Programs Masterlist to help you get started!

Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle:

When it comes to affiliate marketing you can never take in enough knowledge and learn too much, that is why I recommend that you invest in your blog and in yourself by purchasing Anas’ Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle!

It takes you right through how to become successful at affiliate marketing and it gives you the tools you need to make your blog a money making machine!

Some Affiliate Programs You Should Join ASAP:

  • ShareAsale
  • Amazon Associates
  • MaxBounty
  • Flex Offers
  • CJ Affiliate

10 | Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way for new bloggers to get social media strategies, marketing strategies and so much more just by listening in. Here are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Goal Digger Podcast

Pursuit With Purpose Podcast

The Tony Robbins Podcast

ProBlogger Podcast

Follow me on Pinterest for many more blogging tips and tricks to grow your blog and make it a success.

Don’t forget to save this pin for later so you can look back on all the resources again!

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