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Caddle Review 2019: How You Can Get $250 In Free Cash

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small commission. Please see my disclaimer.

Today I decided to review one of my favorite app that I have been getting many question about lately. The app I am reviewing is Caddle, a money saving app.

If you have not yet heard of Caddle, let me explain, this is a money saving app for Canadians, yes, you read that right, Caddle is only available in Canada. Basically the app gives you the opportunity to save money AND earn money at the same time. 

I don’t want to leave my U.S. readers hanging, that is the reason that I took so long to write this review. But I felt like I had to let my Candian reader know about this must have app. The light bulb went off that I had to do this review once I realized my friends, family, and coworkers had no idea about Caddle. 

Like many of you, they had only ever heard of Checkout 51 (the Ibotta of Canada). I have only been a user of Caddle for the past 9 months but just because I haven’t been a member that long it doesn’t mean I can’t share with you my experience. I personally really love the app and the fact that it saves me my hard earned money, that just the cherry on top. 

Another great aspect of using Caddle is the app is very easy to use! As well as their interface.

So Is Caddle Actually Legit? 

Caddle is absolute 100% legit. They are a stand up company and are definitely not a scam or a joke. That is made clear by there 100’s of 1,000’s  of happy and satisfied Caddle users over the years. 

What Is Caddle?

Short and sweet, Caddle is a Candian only cash back app that gives you the opportunity to save money on your groceries, dining out, and your average grocery shopping trip. 

Not only that, you are also able to EARN money by taking part and answering short surveys, writing reviews, engaging with brands, and watching videos at your convenience. 

Thursday is a big day ——–>>>>>

Each an every Thursday Caddle refreshes their item offers. They offer new videos, random tasks for you to complete, and surveys to help you earn even more cash. However, it may be good practise to not only check on Thursdays for new items, as I have persoanlly seen them refresh items on days other than Thursdays. 

You can sign up for Caddle right here! Start saving money today and get a $1 sign up bonus when you use my link. 

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign Up all you have to do is provide your email address, create a password, and just like that you will be the newest member of Caddle and can start saving cash and earning extra cash. It is just as easy as that to become an exclusive member. 

How Does Caddle Work? 4 Ways You Can Earn!

  1.  Cash back purchases

It is a very realistic expectation to earn roughly $10 to $15 per week. Sounds like a great deal for taking advantage and diligently using a FREE app!

  1. Go about your regular grocery shopping habits.
  2. You upload your receipt.

You can do this by tapping on the red circle (the camera button). Then you will have the option to choose either to take the picture right then and there on the spot or you can choose a picture of a receipt you already have in your camera roll. 

A great aspect is that you are not required to purchase items from a specific store or grocery store (unless otherwise stated by Caddle). What this means is even if you do your shopping at a smaller grocery store you will still have the chance to upload your receipt to earn your rewards. 

3. Once you reach the $20 threshold for cashing out you can request your payment. Which I’m sure you will love receiving. 

 2. Surveys

Fun fact: answering survey’s on Caddle is one of my favorite features of Caddle. The surveys are always short and sweet. And by short I mean they take no longer than roughly 30 seconds for 1-8 multiple choice questions. 

Currently they pay $0.05 to $0.15 each. Which obvliosly in’t a lot standing alone, but for the time it takes it is fair and they do add up quickly. 

Many of se spend time mindlessly on our phones, so why not make a bit of extra cash?

You can sign up for Caddle right here and get started now!

3. Watching Ads

At times Caddle will extend to you the opportunity to watch short ads, generally of 15-30 seconds long. And will earn you about $0.25 per ad. 

Think about it, usually in a single day we will be forced to watch an ad for free, so why not be paid to watch ads.

Chances are there will also be additional chances to earn after watching the video. Opportunities include taking a short survey, and/or the chance to receive a high cash back percentage for the advertised product. 

Caddle Pros

  • Free to sign up.
  • Super duper easy to use.
  • Great interface.
  • Offers many ways to save and earn extra money.
  • You have the option to combine other cashback apps such as Checkout 51 or Flipp, as well as stack coupons on top.
  • A better return compared to other survey programs.
  • Offers a referral program.
  • Surveys and videos are short and simple.
  • You can take tasks without much effort involved. 
  • Available to Candians 
  • Payment is in cash not gift cards.

Caddle Cons

  • Only available to use in Canada.
  • Don’t expect that it can replace a full time income.
  • Limited earning opportunities.
  • You may have to wait up to as long as a week for them to credit your account with your earnings.
  • They can be very misleading when they advertise Caddle being equivalent to making yourself $20 per hour. 
  • This is no get rich quick scheme. (just sayin… lol)
  • It may take up to 3 weeks to receive your cash back check.
  • They don’t have as many offers available as many of the other cash back apps. 

You can check out my Master List of stay at home jobs that CAN earn you a full time income right here. 

You really have nothing to lose by signing up for Caddle today! In fact, you will even get yourself a $1 sign up bonus for joining. 

FAQ On Caddle

Can I Use Both Caddle And Checkout 51?

Yes, you can use both apps at the same time! The majority of offers on Checkout 51 and Caddle have no stipulations preventing you from combining offers. However, it is always good to double check as there are a few random ones that will prevent you from using both apps, but it isn’t very often. 

Remember you would also have to live in Canada to utilize and take advantage of both apps because Caddle is only available to Canadians at this time. 

What Do They Have Deals And Offers On?

They have deals on non-perishables grocery items, and  household items. They also offer to first time users of certain subscription services, such as meal delivery kits.

Many of the offers are valid for only a specific product you purchase at a variety of retailers, however you have to watch because some offers are for items from only specific retailers. All this means is you should read the details before you go ahead and purchase a product. 

Is Caddle Safe To Use?

Yes, I have been using Caddle for months now and can assure they are completely safe to use.

How Can I Expect To be Paid?

Once you complete paid surveys or finish watching ads, your account will immediately reflect your earnings. 

For product offers, after you buy and item, you snap a picture of your receipt and upload it. Normally your cash back will be credited to your account within 72 hours. 

And like I stated above, once your account reaches $20 you can request a cash out, they will then send you a cheque in the mail. And just like that you will receive extra money.

Is Caddle User Friendly?

Actually yes, I would say Caddle is extremely user friendly. The app is super easy to navigate and find your way around. There is no fluff or extras, it is simple and straightforward, making it easy to use for every one. 

Can I Refer Friends And Family?

Absolutely, there is a referral program! That is one of the perks of becoming an exclusive member of Caddle. 

They have a refer-a-friend program where you will earn a $1 bonus for every person that you refer. It’s simple really, the more people you can get to sign up and start using Caddle the more money you will earn.

But, just don’t recommend caddle for the bonus, you should only recommend it because you LOVE using it and saving money.

Do I Have A Referral Code/Promo Code?

I absolutely do! You can click this link here to claim your $1 sign up bonus! And by doing that I will also receive a $1 bonus for referring you!

But trust me, I am not only recommending this app to you because of the $1 bonus I may receive. I am truly recommending Caddle because I have been using it for months and I actually believe it is a great way for you to earn and save. I believe this because I have earned and saved with Caddle myself, and I am sure you will too. 

Caddle Review – My Final Thoughts

Here in Canada, Caddle is one of the very few cash back apps we have available to us. If you are looking for other similar programs I would suggest Checkout 51, Rakuten (Ebates), or Swagbucks, Flipp, or Great Candian Rebates.

Remember you are unlikely to make thousands using these apps, however they are great for earning an extra $50-$100 bucks per month, as well as helping you trim monthly expenses. When every dollar counts these apps can really make a difference. 

For instance, $50 to $100 could pay your phone bill every month, which means it is one bill you won’t have to worry about. And money is tight it makes all the difference. I know this first hand. 

A dollar is a dollar, and it should be treated as such, especially when it is FREEE!

Get yourself signed up right here! You seriously have nothing to lose!

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