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10 Cute And Frugal Date Ideas

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Frugal date ideas are something we should all considering doing more often, I mean those dinners and movie dates are nice but they also become quite expensive and repetitive. It’s time to try something new!

The days are growing shorter and soon it will be much cooler. It is safe to say that soon we will be in the midst of the fall season. So this fall why not try some fun and frugal fall date ideas to mix things up?

And it can be a rather romantic season, don’t you think?

So it is time to get out there and take full advantage of this romantic season that mother nature is providing you. You can share the love by participating in some of the following date ideas because after all fall is full of charming and fun date ideas that fit perfectly into a frugal life.

10 Fall Dates That Cost Nothing

1. Have A Fire

Throw on a comfy sweater and grab a blanket and enjoy a back yard fire in the crisp fall air! Make some s’mores and take a cup of hot chocolate with you. I mean you might as well take full advantage of the weather before it turns cold. Am I right?

2. Apple Picking

If you are fortunate enough to be living in an area near an orchard than you should definitely consider going to pick apples! This is an awesome date idea because you can go home and bake some delicious apple crisp or apple pies to continue your date.

3. Corn Maze

If you have never been to a corn maze than you do not know the fun you are missing out on! I highly recommend considering this activity for your next date night, there isn’t even a chance you won’t like it. It is also great because you will be putting your trust in one another to the test!

4. At Home Movie Night

If you have Netflix then you can watch one of the options there, or you could try renting a movie from your local library! Which is almost better than Netflix because you can make going to the library to choose a movie part of the date night!

5. Attend A Festival

In many areas, there are several fall festivals going on for you and your special someone to take in. And the best part is these festivals are usually put on by the community, town, or county so they are generally free for you to attend and enjoy!

6. Take A Knitting Class

Knitting is not just for women. In fact, my husband is better than me at it! So sign up for a class and take it together, this is a fantastic idea because you will have each other and can help on another out once you are trying it at home.

7. Hot Chocolate On The Porch

Have a relaxing date night! Grab a blanket and cup of hot chocolate and sit out on the porch together just chatting and talking about the future.

8. A Walk On The Beach

The hot weather is long gone but the lingering warm fall afternoons are here for a short time, so take advantage of the empty beaches and take a stroll on the beach or boardwalk. The best part is you will have the place almost all to yourself because people rarely go to the beach in the fall. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fabulous fall date idea to get you out of the house.

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9. Visit The Zoo

Seriously, I have never thought of this as a date idea, but isn’t it a good one? I mean cute little animals? Who could say no! And it’s a very good one to consider for fall, because who wants to walk around a zoo in summer sweating and hot? I mean it is supposed to be a date after all.

10. Local Football Game

Fall is football season so take advantage of it by making it into a date night! You won’t have to spend a ton of money because many local colleges and high schools have football teams you can go cheer them on for free!

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