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7 Habits of People Who Always Have Money

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The 7 Habits You Should Learn

Strive For A Financial Education

Follow A Budget

Build An Emergency Fund

Use Credit Cards Responsibly

They Have Priorities

Have Goals

Mindset Matters

Let’s Get Started On Your Financial Habits

You are not alone, there are many other people out there who have formed bad money habits that need to be replaced with smart money habits.

The good habits that you form by reading this list and the proof that there are people out there who are financially successful. And those people are the ones that make financial plans and stick to it 100%. They are also the ones who follow these great money habits.

1 | They Strive For A Financial Education

People who have great money habits read financial books, they take in the knowledge through articles, some may even go to financial classes to get some professional insight and knowledge on how to manage money.

Taking financial education classes help people to get out of the debt they have consumed, it helps people learn how to reach their financial freedom. So take the classes, read the books, and take in all the money knowledge you can.

2 | They Follow A Budget

I can guarantee you that the people in your life that always have money are living their lives by a budget. They don’t make rash financial decisions, instead, they carefully plan out their financial decisions. They plan out completely how and when their bills need to be paid. And the reason they are able to save money and have disposable income is, they are able to continually live by the budget that they create.

3 | They Have An Emergency Fund Set Up

This is a very important habit that those who always have money actively incorporate in their lives.

They set aside money in a savings account for any emergencies that come up. This gives them kind of a security blanket or buffer so they never have to worry about an unexpected life event that comes up. Things like trips to the hospital, added medical expenses, car repairs, job loss, or a family emergency.

If you would like to read more on how you can start your emergency fund you should check out this article How To Build A $1,000 Emergency Fund Fast.

4 | They Are Credit Card Smart

If you are one of those people who continually struggle with overspending (like me) then a step you should take right now to head towards your financial freedom is to cut up your credit cards. Do it now!

When people keep credit cards around for emergency situations all your credit cards will really do is help you get into even more debt, and this alone is why you should want to have an active emergency fund in place.

Now I am not someone who hates credit cards, but I do believe they should be used wisely and only after you are aware of the risks. They should also only be used once you have already learned how to manage your money responsibly.

5 | Goals

Despite what many people believe, the rich people out there don’t get rich by chance. In most cases, many people have to work hard to build their wealth. But don’t think this is just for the rich, even people who aren’t rich but are “well off” usually end up having money by doing some serious financial planning.

They set goals for themselves that are very well thought out. Such as monthly, and yearly financial goals to build their savings and income. But they don’t just set goals they take actions to achieve them, they set themselves deadlines and milestones to reach.

And in order to do so, they are always on the lookout for how they can cut their expenses even further back, they actually seek out opportunities to save a buck or increase their income by using side hustles such as these.

6 | They Have Priorities

Once you have set clear financial goals for yourself, you must look at them and determine which ones are most important. I usually make a list and rank my goals so that I have a visual.

It is also very important that you don’t try to achieve all of your goals at the same time, you will just become exhausted, confused, and overwhelmed.

Instead, people who are good with money accomplish their goals in the order of their importance. By prioritizing each goal so that the most important ones do not slip through the cracks

One way that you could think of this is, instead of keeping busy with many tiny tasks, you will be getting things done in a super productive way by taking action on the things that will lower your bill or expenses the most. Another few things to work on the things that are bringing you the biggest income. This way you won’t be just chasing goals for years and never reaching any of them.

7 | They Have Different Bank Accounts

These people also effectively use different bank accounts to manage their personal finances. It helps them to more clearly see their savings but yet it is in a place that it is harder for you to reach.

In my honest opinion, this easy and simple money hack is so awesome!


I am so glad that you are wanting to improve your money management skills!

You could not be making a better financial decision for your future! Just know that you are not alone in this process my husband and I are working through and also trying to implement as many of these tips as possible.

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