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How To Teach English Online

Teach English online and you will not regret it. I seriously have so much fun teaching English to my students! And I know you will to!

Would you like to get PAID to teach English online to kids? Kinda sounds like the dream did to me!

As I promise, I am going to share with you one of the BEST companies that you should apply with when starting out your English teaching career. This is not a sponsored post, I am not getting paid, for this review.  This is my honest opinion and review of the company I personally have worked for for the past 4 months.

This post is especially for those just beginning to teach English online that are inexperienced and do not hold a degree. ( I don’t either)

If you’re thinking WOW I want a side hustle that can consistently make me real money at home, then you my friend are in the right place. Whether you are hearing about teaching English online for the first time now, or are on the fence about starting this is the place to be. Find how to make an actual income from home. Currently, this is how I make my income and I could not be more happy with my experience thus far.

I Quit

I quit my full-time job to teach English online and it has been the BEST DECISION EVER and has enriched my life! Here is where I am going to show you how you can do it too!

Without further delay, the company I work for is Landi English. Do yourself a favor, add this school to the list of schools to apply to right now, and let’s begin.

With Landi English, the best part is there is no experience required. 

Yes, you read that right you are not required to have any previous teaching experience to get hired. My sister and I both applied and were hired within days.

What Are The Requirements

  1. Native level of English is a must!
  2. You must have a strong internet connection that is able to achieve a seamless audio/video connection.
  3. Anyone who has previous teaching or early childhood development experience is a preference. (I put experience babysitting on my resume)
  4. Must be able to work part-time on a fixed schedule.
  5. You must have a lively personality that can engage children and keep their attention.
  6. A TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate. (it is not hard, learn more below)
  7. A well-lit room
  8. Headset with microphone.
  9. And a computer or laptop of course.

Now listen that is not a lot of requirements, I bet you can check 5 or 6 of those items right now! Good news is that means you’re over halfway there to being an English teacher and being able to make some money online. Money that can make a huge impact! I know just hoe use full the money I have earned from teaching has been.

Is This The Answer
You Are Looking For

  1. get out of debt
  2. build a fall back savings
  3. quit the 9-5
  4. be a stay at home mom
  5. stop living paycheque to paycheque

Then it is time to take action! Don’t wait! Take one of these awesome Teflen courses and be on your way to solving 1 or more of those 5 problems in no time at all. Do it for you! Unleash yourself from the 9-5 life!

To get started all you have to do is get certified by Teflen. It is super easy and takes under a month to complete. ( sidenote: However if it takes you longer you do have up to a year to complete it from the purchase date.) The courses have awesome prices for budget-savvy people in need of some extra dough (People just like me and you!) With this course you are on your way to earning money in no time! It’s time to get excited!! #showmethemoney


Personally, I recommend the 120-hour advanced course. (That is the one I have.) It has everything you need to learn to become a professional online English teacher all for the one low cost of $126.00. That is one great price to get you earning from home in no time at all!

Are You Ready

Yes, you are! ( I’m cheering you on, Woohooo!)

First, step one is to complete the course! For me, this was the most difficult part of the process! Because who wants to take a course after working all day? (not me) It took me months to finish it, but learn from my mistake and just DO IT. Procrastination is not worth it! The faster you complete the course the faster you can get started making the moolah, and get closer to our goals. (YAY the fun part!)

You got this, my friend! The course is easy just time-consuming. But here is a not so secret, secret…

Worth It

You will NEVER regret this choice!

There is some awesome and useful information in this course that I know will benefit your teaching and help you achieve a higher standard. Taking this course has CHANGED MY LIFE!! Start today!

So Now What

You have completed your course and you are on the hunt for that perfect online teaching job. Look no further here is the most awesomely awesome list of companies to apply with besides Landi English. Now that you have the list look through it for the companies that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, as many of them do. An example of one that doesn’t is Landi

I currently am working for Landi and I am loving it they are so great to deal with. I could not ask for a better company! They are always happy to help and ready to assist in any possible way they can. If you are just in the teaching game for the money a great aspect that I love about Landi is, their bonuses are amazing! Like for real, you can not go wrong with working for them!

They were the first company I applied to, and I was hired immediately with very little hassle.

Benefits Of Working At Landi

One thing I want to clarify is you do not need to know any Chinese to start teaching with Landi

  1. Has a really good pay rate. The minimum rate is $17/hour. (the actual will be higher)
  2. Fixed Schedule. This means you have an income you can rely on.
  3. Work from home. Or anywhere in the world, if you love travelling you can take this job with you! Just make sure the internet connection is reliable.
  4. All lesson materials needed to teach effective lessons are provided for you. All you have to do is prepare for the lesson.
  5. Great tech support. If you need help, even if it is during a lesson you just have to press the help desk on the platform and fill in the form.
  6. Variety. Not all kids are the same or learn the same. It keeps things interesting, there is never a dull moment.  

The Hiring Process

Landi has a three-part hiring system

First is a review of your resume. It is super quick and easy! You’ll hear back right away from someone if you passed this portion. QUICK, FAST, and EASY just like that you could be on your way to a new set of opened doors.

TIP: Make sure Teflen certificate is attached to your resume when you apply. 

Once you have applied to someone from Landi will get back to you and either way you are not qualified (this does not happen often) or they will send you a link to set up an interview. This is the fun part! It is time to get that teacher voice perfected!

Second, is the interview part of the application process. For this portion, you will most likely be having the interview via Skype. It is usually no longer than 10-15 minutes, just enough time to get a feel for what you’d be like as an English teacher. They will tell you if you passed this portion at the end.

Passing Is Easy

When you pass (Cause YES YOU WILL PASS) they will send you a demo lesson to prepare, for the third step of the application process.

Third, is the demo class. Landi will have you prepare the whole 25-minute lesson they provide to you, and it is wise to do so, but in my experience, the demo class was no more than 15 minutes total. And it was a complete breeze! Just don’t let those pre-demo nerves get to you and keep smiling my friend!!! Smiling is so important in this step!

Once the demo is over there is absolutely no wait to find out if you are hired you will know immediately after you are done the demo lesson.

There it is, all you need to know to get started making money teaching English. The process is quick and painless! You will be on your way to making some extra money really fast!

I hope you love teaching English as much as I do!

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