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Small Expenses To Cut Today: 9 Ways To Save Money

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Here Are The Expenses You Need To Cut When Money Gets Tight

Whatever the reason may be for having to cut expenses here are 9 sure-fire ways you should implement to save yourself some bucks immediately!

I don’t matter if you are saving for a much-needed vacation, facing a job loss, illness, or have unexpected vehicle repairs that are breaking the bank. The first thing you will be looking to do is to cut some of your monthly expenses from your budget.

Some expenses will be able to be cut out completely without affecting you at all. But there are also ingenious ways to save a lot just by cutting back instead of eliminating.

These Are The Expenses You Should Cut

Nobody has the same budget, we all have different priorities, hobbies, and payments that our unique to us. This means our budget will also be unique in how we choose to spend our money. This is why it is very important to find what balance works best for your family and circumstances.

My advice on cutting back or cutting out is to remember that it is not permanent!!! Just because you are giving something up for the present doesn’t mean you will never have it again. Tightening up on your budget may be necessary for a time

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1. Dryer Sheets

So obliviously not buying dryer sheets is not going to make you rich. However $3 dollars here and there will help you out with creating your monthly budget.

This isn’t a solve-all solution but it is an expense that you can avoid buying because you do not need to buy it. They are full of harsh chemicals anyway so why not cut them out completely. Save money, and eliminate harsh chemicals from your home.

2. Ziploc Bags

An idea to an alternative to Ziploc bags is to replace them and use reusable containers instead.

When trying to minimize expenses, why not cut out this unnecessary product. If we need food on the go, I always have reusable containers handy that will last us use after use.

If you, however, do not want to use reusable containers a way to cut bag on this expense is to purchase them at your local dollar store. They will be much cheaper so they will be budget-friendly and help you save.

3. Paper Towel

As handy as paper towels are they are a complete waste of money.

You are literally throwing your money away by buying paper towels. Stop it now! Cut this expense out completely it is absolutely pointless to pay for something that you use for 5 secs and then throw out after one use. Think about it, paper towels are something you buy with the intention of throwing them out before you even purchase them! What is the good in that?

Instead, buy cheap dollar store dishcloths that you can use and wash over and over for only a one time cost of roughly a dollar. Chances are the towel is going to clean up any mess better than a paper towel can anyways.

4. New Clothes

Clothes! We need them, we want them, but do they have to be new? Absolutely NOT! New clothes are often overpriced and come with a hefty price tag. The good news is, you don’t have to buy new clothes to look fabulous. Many second-hand stores have almost new clothes for way under half the cost of buying new, you just have to look for them.

Decrease your monthly clothes allowance by buying second hand and choosing to be thrifty. I understand that this can be a real bad habit to break. Who doesn’t love the feeling of wearing a brand new outfit!

I’m here to tell you you don’t have to sacrifice that feeling, you can get the same feeling wearing clothes that are just new to you. After wearing an outfit once the feeling goes away anyway so why not put that money to better use and drop this expense drastically.

5. Gas Station Treats

Only buy gas at the gas station. Drinks, treats, and random junk are a fortune to purchase here. Save yourself a pretty chunk of change each month by following this one simple rule. Most people don’t realize just how much they are spending and only find out once they sit down with their credit card statement at the end of the month. Do yourself a favor and skip buying unnecessary expenses from the gas station.

6. Eating Out

I know I know, you’ve heard this one hundred times. But it is on the list for a reason! Eating out can absolutely burst the budget every month. For me, this was the hardest tip to put in motion. This is because it is convinced we are buying. If we were to eat the same meal at home it would be a fraction of the cost. Eating out for a couple once a week is guaranteed to be at least $40.00 that is roughly just over $2000 per year we are paying for convincing. I am sure that you can find a much better way to spend this money! Eating out should be cut from the budget immediately when money is tight.

7. Online Shopping

Oh boy, do I know what online shopping can do to a budget? I’ll be honest I’m a sucker for a good online deal. But this one can ruin an entire budget if you allow it. So don’t let it, take control and manage your money, learn the value of a dollar. If you do you will think twice before entering that credit card number online. Yes, the deals you can find are amazing, BUT they are designed to pull customers in and get them to buy. Don’t be fooled!

Most online purchases are on whim purchases that you don’t need. Take action and unsubscribe from those email lists that suck you into spending your hard-earned money. Cut this out, and it can make all the difference to your tight finical situation.

8.Renting Movies

Who does like to relax with an awesome movie and popcorn? Don’t worry I’m not going to say to cut his one out completely because let’s get real, there is no way that is going to happen!

This is a topic that I would choose to use the cut back option instead of cutting it out altogether. You still need entertainment in your life your not a robot, you should enjoy life! But maybe instead of renting movies 4 times a month for a family movie night you can cut that number in half and maybe have a family games night instead twice a month. Cutting in only one place isn’t the answer, you need to learn to cut back on multiple things in your budget, not just one.

9. Cravings

I see you over there! Yes, you! You budget out your monthly expenses religiously and have an amount set to spend on food, that is great! ….But are you really following it?! For me, cravings impact my budget a lot.

Not just a cravings, I’m talking full-on night time munchies that you are willing to leave your house and go to the store in the evening to pick up. I know it not just me. When I decide I need that bag of chips you better believe I will go the distance to get them. This is where my budget suffers.

You can’t necessarily cut cravings and stop them but you can cut them back by planning for them. This is the long haul that will save you money. You can start by buying bags of chips in bulk and splitting it out into portions so don’t overindulge. This means fewer trips to the store and less actual money spend on cravings.

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It’s Time To START

These are some great ideas to start getting you thinking about where you can cut expenses completely or cut back on expenses. Use these budgeting templates to help you keep track of expenses.

Do you have any other frivolous expenses that need to go? Maybe you can quit buying those items too?

If you have any other ideas on expenses to cut and what to share them let me know in the comments below!

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