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How To Start a Money Making Blog In 2020 (15 STeps You Need To Take)

This post may contain affilate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small comission. Please see my disclaimer.

1. Deciding On Your Blog Niche

Is there something you enjoy talking about?

Is there a topic that you are particularly intrigued with? I mean something that you just can not stop talking about with your friends and family? If there is then chances are it would be a great topic for your blog!

So maybe you’re thinking well ya but… i don’t know enough about the topic to write a blog on it. And while that is a great point and a valid question the answer is NO!

You do not have to be an expert in your chosen blog niche. You can learn as you write. The truth of the matter is for nearly every post you write there will be a certain amount of research required.

Take a look at the possible profit for the niche?

Some bloggers will tell yunif you’re going to start a blog to go with your passion. That is all fine and dandy but personally I do not agree. While the niche you choose should be something you enjoy you should also factor in if it is a profitable niche.

If you don’t think profit before you start there is a good chance you will end up pivoting niches in the future or you will have a blog that make no money.

While blogging for a hobbie is great, if you are like me you want to start making money as soon as you can from your blog. So take some time before choosing your niche and think about your goals.

Broad or Narrow? Which is better?

While my opinion may be unpopular it goes like this. Broad and narrow niched blogs both have great income potential. For intance there are tons of lifestyle bloggers who make bank with their blog and there are say travel, homestead, decor, and finance blogs that also make great money.

So, before you goahead and decide on a broad or narrow niche for your blog you should consider are you cool with sharing a piece of your life with the world? Because with a lifestyle blog it may not be all about you but it will be more about you then say a decor blog.

Another thing to consider is with a broader niche it may be more difficult to hone in on your target audience and attract blog traffic. Not saying it can’t be done, I am just saying it may take a bit longer to get your traffic up.

How to monetize your niche blog?


2. Choosing Your Name (Domain)

Check out the competition


Use a thesaraus


Use your name (or a variation)


Opt to use a name generator


What is your chosen niche?


Who is your target audience?


Make it personal.


Keep it short if possible


Spell it correctly, and make it easy to spell.


Something easy to remember.




Play on words


Use your full name


What if its been taken?


3. Selecting Your Blog Platform

What is the best platform?


Why Choose WordPress


1. WordPress is well-known and reliable

2. WordPress is SEO friendly

3. WordPress is an open source platform

4. WordPress has many options for customizing

5. WordPress has great support


4. Installing WordPress Hosting



WPX Hosting


5. Choosing A Blog Theme

What makes a good theme?


What features are a must for you?


Make sure your theme is super responsive


Consider buying a premium theme


Things you should be careful when choosing a theme


Installing your theme


6. Installing Your Plugins

How to install a plugin


Elementor Page Builder




UpDraft Plus


Pretty Link


Short Pixel Image Optimizer




Insert Headers And Footers


7. Adding Your Key Pages

Legal Pages

Terms and Contions

Privacy Policy


About Page

Advertise Page

Contact Page


8. Make A Plan For Your Blog (Kinda Like A Business Plan)

What are your goals?


3 Month Goals


6 Month goals


12 month goals?


Create a content calendar


Decide what you will promote


Use My Blog Planner


9. Decide On Your Branding (Logo, Colors, Graphics)




10. Designing Your Blog And Create Main Menu


11. Creating Your Foundational Posts

What is your blog about?


Is it narrow or broad?


How many sub topics will you have?


What will your sub topics be?


12. Signing Up For An Email Provider

Why you need an email provider


When should you start?


What can an email list do for you?










Writing your welcome email


13. Creating Your Optin Freebie

Why you need one?


What should you create?


Make a draft on paper


How to use Canva to create your freebie.


Using Powerpoint to create your freebie


Uploading your freebie to ConvertKit


14. Drive Blog Traffic

Social Media


Facebook Groups








15. Make Money Blogging


Affiliate Marketing –

Sponsored Content


Sell Your Own Products






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