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Writing A Killer Blog Post: The 7 Tips You Need

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small commission. Please see my disclaimer.

So you are trying to up your blogging game by delivering your readers with content that drives traffic, converts, and engages your readers? Does that sound like the type of post you want to be creating?

You’re probably thinking well… Duh

So I’m just gonna dive right into sharing some tips with you.

1) Know your audience. If you want to create content that converts and gets shares then know who your audience is a write your content for them.

2) Optimize. This isn’t just in regards to SEO for google but you need to be optimizing your posts by providing your readers with the information they are looking for. This means researching phrases your target audience would be typing into Google or Pinterest to find your content.

3) Trim the excess. By this, I mean don’t say the same things over and over a different way in a couple of different ways just to get a higher word count for SEO. Instead, you should write one sentence or two if it flows on a specific topic and be open with it. Your reader is there for a reason and they want you to be direct. So trim the fat so they can have a better experience reading your content.

4) Have a variety of sentence lengths. I saw this is in a blog post I read when I was just starting to create content and I took a screenshot of it because I felt it taught a very valuable lesson all bloggers should know. To say the least it took my writing to the next level!

We as humans enjoy having variety so give your readers something to read that they can fall in love with.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was just starting out and in need of all the blogging and writing tips I could get, so I’ve created this FREE email course where I share some of my best blogging tips and some of my biggest blogging mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones I did.

Quit Overthinking It

If you have just written your final draft of a post and read it for the last time before posting but can’t figure out if it is professional author material or a bad high school essay this means it is time to take a break.

If you don’t you could end up convincing yourself that a very well written post is actually bad. So take a step back, get someone else to read over it so you can gain some outsider’s perspective.

For me when I need to know if a post sounds good or if I have any missed spelling mistakes I get my grandma to give it a read! She is always brutally honest! So make sure when choosing someone to read you post it is someone without bias, or someone just wanting to make you feel good.


1 | Clickable Headline

If you don’t have a clickable headline then how are you going to make people want to read your post? When choosing a headline you must think of your readers and who you are serving by writing the post.

In my personal experience as a new blogger, I was writing very basic headlines at first, and then I hear of this tool.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

It is a known fact that a good headline is what makes your readers and others want to click through and read want you to have to say on a subject.

However, a bad headline can literally cost you traffic, search results, and shares, which is what you need to avoid at all costs!

This headline analyzer is the holy grail for coming up with a perfect headline that makes people want to read what you’ve got to say.

Peak Curiosity

There are certain words you can use in your title that will help with motivating people to read your post. Some words that I find work well are words such as:

  • secret
  • exclusive
  • clever
  • genius
  • unbelievable
  • hacks
  • tips
  • new
  • worst
  • fool-proof
  • shocking

And then there are phrases you can use to get people curious. for example:

  • how to
  • must have
  • will blow your mind
  • why you should
  • quicks ways to
  • ____ vs. ____
  • rules for

2 | Aesthetically Pleasing

When writing a blog post it is not enough to just provide good information. Some people may suck around to read but for me, if a post is not ecstatically pleasing with well placed and purposeful images to catch my attention I will lose interest FAST.

One way I achieve an esthetically pleasing blog post is by using stock photos off of Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. I am always able to find clean and clear photos for my blog on this site so be sure to check them out.


You should never just download any images off of google images and use them for your blog.

If you are looking for premium stock photos then I suggest grabbing a membership to Ivory Mix’s collection, or Styled Stocked Society’s collection of stock photos.

I have recently started using Ivory Mix stock photos and I am loving how they help me stand out from other bloggers.

When you use the same FREE images from sites such as Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexels that every single blogger has access to you are way less likely to stand out because people have seen those images hundreds of times.

But with premium images that you pay a fee for using you are able to make a splash and peak people interest, not only within your blog post but also when creating pins to promote your post on Pinterest.

Ivory Mix is a great place to find premium stock photos for many different niches, colors, and purposes for bloggers and content creators!

3 | Have A Hook

What is a blog post without a hook? It’s all fine and well that you go people on your post, but when writing it think what is going to keep people on my post? What is going to motivate them to come back and read another post?

Your first sentence must be intriguing and captivating. Try asking a question right away/ But right your question in a way that gets your reader on the same page and has them nodding along with what you’re saying.

For each post, you write you should have your reader clear in mind and put yourself in their shoes. One thing I like to do is sit down and write down my hook for my post before I even start writing it, this helps to keep clear in my mind what my main topics need to be.

4 | Use Subheadings And Spacing

Make your post easy to read and inviting. The one thing that turns me away from reading a post is a lack of spacing and never-ending sections, paragraphs that are away too long, and no white space between.

The reason why these posts turn me off so much is because like most people I will usually do a scan of the post before I read and when I see tons of content all in one big pile I get intimidated, so that is why you should break up your content with bold subheading, and short paragraphs it will keep your readers more inclined to read to the bottom and come back again.

An advantage of using a good amount of different headlines in your post is that SEO loves it! So make sure when deciding on headlines that you include some of your keywords to get an SEO boost.

✨Need some help coming up with keywords for SEO?

5 | Speak Authentically

When you are writing a blog post you should be writing as if you were speaking to a good friend. Be warm, inviting, and sincere.

If someone lands on one of your blog posts and they feel a connection with you and like you are speaking to them you are way more likely to gain loyal readers, email subscribers, and followers.

Don’t make the mistake of writing posts because you think they will do well for traffic and you think its what is popular. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you can’t speak authentically and bring a new perspective on the matter just don’t waste your time writing the post. All your posts should have a little sprinkle of you in them!

But that is not to say that your blog post should be like your own personal journal where you just talk about you and don’t provide any value to your readers.

If you aren’t speaking authentically your readers are going to see right through that! Being authentic in your post when speaking about a service or product that you are affiliated with will driveway more results and conversions than you speaking about a product you have never tried or know nothing about.

So stay real, and stay you!

6 | Make It Long

Social media and Google love long posts! So always try to make your posts a minimum of 1000 words! Personally I try to aim for 1,600-2,400 words per post.

I do this because first I want to provide as much content and value to my readers as possible. Second, I want my posts to be something that my readers sit down to read knowing they will walk away with tons of new information. Third, when you write a longer post you are able to sprinkle a little more you into them which makes them personable, which means you are more likely to get engagement!

Provide even more value by adding in images, videos, lists, and links to good resources so you can stand out. The more information your post contains the more likely you will be a dominating blog in your niche that people will look to when needing a problem solved.

7 | Have A Purpose

I can not stress this enough! Every single one of your blog posts should have a purpose or plan that helps to grow your blog. Whether it is for engagement, build your email list, blog traffic, or to make more income.

So before you start writing think about the purpose of your post and what you want to achieve by writing it. Basically think about it as what’s in it for you?

When you do this you will be able to clearly have a goal in mind for you to think about as you write the post.

For instance, if you are writing to get more email subscribers then you would make sure to offer an opt-in freebie, or an email course of some kind to get more subscribers.

As I write this post my purpose is to gain more email subscribers by offering some blogging tips within this content so you can see what I’m about and then drawing your attention to my blogging course signup form. Once you have already provided your readers with a taste of your knowledge you want to share with them they are way more likely to sign up for your email list and continue receiving your tips.

If you don’t yet have email marketing software or an email list then I highly recommend Mailerlite.

The day I signed up with Mailerlite was a pivotal day for my blog. Nobody can ever take your email list away. Social media sites get hacked all the time and sometimes you never get them back. But when it comes to your email list you can’t ever lose them!

✨Get started with ConvertKit!

Be You, Provide Value, Solve A Problem

If you can check off each the about along with the 7 other tips I have shared then you are on your way to writing viral content that will convert!

Follow me on Pinterest for many more blogging tips and tricks to grow your blog and make it a success.

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