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Trim Review 2019: Can I Really Save $100 A Month?

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of the links I may earn a small commission. Please see my disclaimer.

Saving money each month on items and products you buy each month is a fantastic way to up your savings game. This is where this Trim review will come in handy.

Trim is an app that is also known as Asktrim or Trim Savings. Just like many other tools out there that promise to save you money quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly, Trim does just that. But the question that many have is, is it really that easy. 

Many people shy away from thinking it is too good to be true that you can sign up and let Trim start being your personal finance assistant. 

I was shocked to learn the answer to but, yes, it is that easy…to a certain extent. AskTrim’s automated features no doubt have their limits, but they are expanding their technology and what they do, in an earnest effort to help you manage your money correctly and make the very best of every penny. 

Now it is time to answer some of your burning questions, is AskTrim safe? Is Trim a money-saving app? Can it actually save me money on my cable bill, auto insurance, or cancel your no longer wanted subscriptions? Are Trim savings real?

So Is Trim Actually Legit? And Is It Safe To Use?

No review is complete without sharing answers to your basic questions.

Such as, is AskTrim legit? Is AskTrim really safe to use?

And the simple answer to both of those questions is an overwhelming yes!

Trim saving is as legit as it comes. Their website is safe to use, they have been working since 2015 to help people save more of their money by negotiating bills, canceling unwanted subscriptions, or carrying out other tasks for you, so you can see more of your cash.

People who use Trim (AskTrim) know that it means money in theirpocket. 

You can also trust Trim because they offer a safe usage aspect. When you use AskTrim it will be on a website that uses 256-bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. 

Yes, you will have to enter your financial information, including banking info so it is only reasonable that you would want to 100% certain that Trim is safe to use. 

It is easy to see that Trim takes your safety concerns seriously that is clear by the safety features they offer. You can trust that Trim is sure to handle your personal info safely and with top care.

The safety precautions taken by will instill confidence that your sensitive information is safe when using the Trim service. 

What Is Trim?

Such financial tools as Mint have revolutionized and changed the way we can manage our personal finances. By that I mean we no longer have to break out a major spreadsheet to set our monthly budget, we no longer have to log into all of our banking accounts to see the total of how much we have spent. Now we all have the ability to see our cash flow in a matter of a few seconds when we open up an app on our phones. 

Remember these tools are not perfect, and they have limitations. We have to realize for ourselves that these tools do not play an active role in helping us manage our money and making the most of our money. It is on us at the end of the day

This is where AskTrim’s mission is to fill a gap that the market has. The service tries really hard to help you take control and manage your finances, they even go the lengths, they help you save money with technology intelligence. 

How Do I Sign Up?

You can get started by signing up to AskTrim right here (

The above link will take you directly to the companies website, this is where you will sign up and link your bank accounts, and credit cards. Once that is done you can hit the brakes on using apps. 

Instead, you will now be communicating with Trim through Facebook messenger or text message, the choice is up to you. 

Trim Pros

  • Obviously it is FREE to sign up.
  • You can earn credits from your internet/cable provider for a power outage.
  • Trim has the ability to negotiate your phone bill (any provider), internet, and cable. 
  • Customer service is top-notch.
  • Reminds you when bills are due.
  • It helps you budget accordingly. 

Trim Cons

  • It is mobile optimized but there is not yet a mobile app.
  • You have to be comfortable in linking your bank accounts, which means you have to be convinced that AskTrim is completely safe and legitimate. 
  • Your bill negotiation charges 33% of your annual savings you get by using AskTrim. 


How Does Trim Make Money?

AskTrim actively utilizes the common “freemium” model.

Signing up is free just like many other offered services. 

Free services that are included are:

  • Budgeting Tools: 

Trim gives you the tools you need to analyze and budget which gives you the opportunity to track where you are sitting for the month.

  • Text Alerts:

You will receive notifications about your monthly subscriptions through text or messenger. You will also get notices when you make large purchases, but it doesn’t end there. Trim will also tell you if you are within your budget.

  • Bill Cancellation:

With a simple text Trim has the power to cancel your monthly subscriptions with as little effort as a simple text. 

As stated above Trim makes there money through the bill negotiation service that they offer. Which they charge a total of 30% of your annual savings. 

Just as the other budgeting apps out there, Trim will recommend financial products/services to you that they think you would benefit from. Such things include credit cards, utility providers, or home and car insurance. 

They even just launched a financial coaching service, to help you get rid of your debt for good. However this service does come at a price of $10 per month, but it does have a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

The most fascinating thing you should take away is Trim will negotiate your credit card APR’s for you. 

What Does Trim Offer?

This review would not be complete without sharing with you exactly what they offer. 

Trim is filled with great opportunities to save, the cash you will not miss spending. Trim not only helps you save, but it also helps you to make the most of your money, and your financial future. 

Some things Trim does is:

  • Give you personalized advice on financial-related products.

Trim also recommends financial products they believe would be an asset to their users. This helps you save even more money in the long run. If you choose to go with one of the products Trim will earn a referral fee for recommending the product, this is a result of affiliate partnerships. Which is a great way to get in touch with new financial products/services?

  • Track all your spending habits.

Trim tracks your spending to ensure that you remain on budget and that you are not overspending in certain areas. All you have to do is text Trim to find out how much you spent during the month, and Trim will provide you with balance updates. This will help you clearly see where you need to cut back with your spending. 

  • Price-drop refunds on Amazon.

This is a real AskTrim secret that most people have no clue about. However, if you use one of your Trim connected credit cards that are purchase protected when you buy something on Amazon and the price drops, trim will handle the refund procedures for you, and get you your difference back.

  • Offers for cashback.

You might be able to get yourself some cashback for using your credit card in certain stores. This is when AskTrim comes in because they can help you get your money back. Taking advantage of this service is a great way to get money back.

  • Find Coupons.

Often times coupons are available for you to use when shopping online, so if there are any relevant coupons to be found, AskTrim WILL help you find them and help you use them! 

  • Bill Payment Reminders.

Need a reminder to pay your bills so you can be on time? AskTrim can help you by sending you quick reminders when bills are due. 

  • Negotiate Bills.

Trim has the ability to renegotiate your recurring bills, to get you a better deal. And a better deal means more savings. This negotiation feature is one of the ways Trim makes money. They earn 33% on your annual savings. 

  • Cancel Subscriptions.

I know I have signed up for subscriptions in the past and then completely forgot about them. Trim can cancel anything from delivery services, magazine subscriptions, and boxed gift delivery services, and I bet you are probably signed up for at least one. 

Trim identifies your subscription easily and notifies you, then it is up to you to keep only the ones you want. 

If you don’t want one, just tell Trim, and it will be canceled. 

It is really that easy!

How Much Will I Save?

Everyone’s situation is different, however, there is a good chance of you being able to save $50 to $100 per month. 

My Final Thoughts

This Trim review is coming to an end and the reality is:

It is very easy to waste your money, and Trim is a financial service website that I believe you need in your life, so it will keep you from wasting your hard-earned money.

A great aspect is, it takes very little effort from you when it comes to using Trim. The savings that Trim gives you is sure to make you one happy person!

You know can answer for yourself confidently the following questions Is Trim safe? If Trim is a money-saving app? Is Trim legit?

Your savings can be easily done with Trim’s expertise and help with its money-saving capabilities, and bill negotiation services. 

If you utilize AskTrim the way it should be it is very possible for you to save upwards of $100 per money just by using Trim. *Just remember everyone’s savings will differ, because everyone’s financial situation is different.*

The choice is yours! Do your homework, review AskTrim for yourself before deciding if you want to use Trims services is something you want to be a part of your life. 

What are your thoughts on this review? I would love to hear your experience with AskTrim, drop your comment below.

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